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Efia - Salonloewe

Efia Salonloewe floor mats

Looking for floor mats that fit right in with the latest, hottest trends?

Look no further.

With all the latest designs, reflections from contemporary art, classic Black, Chic style, and fashionable solid-colour products, the Salonloewe collection takes a distinctive, on-trend approach with a broad palette – and that includes this season’s hot neons.

Alongside a whole host of innovations we’ve developed, we are proud to launch our very first extra-small and extra-large floor mats in the form of Salonloewe Minimatten and Salonloewe Wohnmatten XL, which come in fresh colours with vivacious designs.
Simply put, we believe this is a very special collection. Happy browsing, and we hope the Salonloewe collection fills you with inspiration.

  • Floor mats with rich colours and strong accents
  • Make an art gallery from your floor
  • Get your message across on a floor mat
  • 5 years guarantee on all floor mats

Efia - Salonloewe 2024 - pdf

Magazin Efia 2024


Efia - Spring 2022 - pdf

Efia catalogue spring 2022 Salonloewe

Efia - Salonloewe 2022 spring - pdf

Magazin Efia spring 2022



Home sweet home

Message on a mat

Efia - Salonloewe floor mats

Forget messages in a bottle. Get your message on your floor mat. A classic 'home sweet home' in fresh colours to brighten your day. 50 x 75 cm

Minimat Funky Turquoise


Efia - Salonloewe floor mats

Mini-size mats for maximum living comfort. All the benefits of Salonloewe floor mats in either Uni, like this Funky Turquoise, or Design format. Available sizes 45 x 65 cm, 30 x 100 cm, 25 x 39 cm, 30 x 65 cm

Ethno Impressions mats

Ethno Impressions Sophie

Efia - Salonloewe floor mats

Do you have the travel bug? With the Ethno Impressions collection you can walk on floor mats designed for those who love globetrotting. You have 5 years guarantee on all Salonloewe floor mats. Keep on walking!

Rosina Wachtmeister Springtime

Rosina Wachtmeister Springtime

Efia - Salonloewe floor mats

Rosina Wachtmeister contemporary work of art reflects a naive style. The colourful cat motifs that Rosina paints in her distinctive style have proven a particular favourite – and not just among feline fanatics!

Efia - Salonloewe - contemporary floor mats

A Salonloewe floor mat has many qualities: Longevity including 5 years guarantee, washable on 40 degrees, does not pill absorbs dust and dirt: allergy-friendly, pvc-free, animal friendly, for indoor and outdoor, anti-slide and sound absorbent, comfortable with floor heating systems.
Efia - Salonloewe is situated in Nürnberg Germany. Sico is the agent for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Indoor funky cow

Funky cow mat

50 x 75 cm. Helps to keep your house clean.
Christmas Fritz

Christmas - Fritz

You can change your floor mats with the seasons. At christmas you can wipe your feet on Fritz.
floor mat bienvenue a bord

Welcome on board

Bienvenue a bord, french for welcome on board sailor =)
Colourful Butterflies

Colourful Butterflies

A very stylish butterflies mat, fits perfectly at your shoe rack or at the beginning of your garden.