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Sun, moon and stars
Welcome to 2024 – the year of the sun!, We start with many brilliant new designs that make our 2024 Collection shine: Discover more than 100 new designs that complement the more than 300 successful models.

Ulster Weavers

Welcome to 2024
Create a welcoming, stylish kitchen space with Ulster Weavers and make your kitchen the heart of the home. Our hand illustrated prints and inspired designs can take you through every season, whether you’re enjoying a simple family meal or entertaining friends for dinner. We have our classic collections of aprons, tea towels and oven gloves and this year we have introduced beautiful ranges of tableware, perfect for enhancing your table settings for special occasions or even just the everyday.
The Ulster Weaver’s Team

New collections for 2024: Blackthorn, Cottage Garden, Finch Á Flower, Portman Farm, Seashore, Shellfish, Tea Tins, Denim Stripe, Sage Stripe, Teen Aprons, Bee Bloom, Dog Days.


Stain-Resistant Tablecloth, What is it?
It is a textile tablecloth that has been specifically treated to repel stains with:
Two layers of acrylic resin. It protects the fabric against water and stains. A stain-resistant treatment through a high-temperature bath. The treatment forms a protective layer around each fiber, allowing the fabric to repel stains and dirt.
Spilled liquids and food are repelled and very easy to remove/clean. The frequency of washing the tablecloth is significantly reduced. It can be ironed on the reverse side. The fabric maintains a new appearance for a longer time.
Cleaning Tips
Clean fresh stains immediately with a damp cloth. For grease stains, use soapy water. To sanitize or disinfect the tablecloths, use a solution of water + bleach at 5% concentration. (2 tablespoons of bleach per liter of water). You can apply it with a spray and dry with a cloth afterward. Wash occasionally in the washing machine at a maximum of 40ºC. Do not use bleach, softeners, or dry cleaning. Iron on the reverse side, on the untreated face, to reactivate the treatment.

Ulster Weavers

Biodegradable PVC & Oilcloth Aprons

Practical, durable and stylish, we’ve taken our popular PVC and oilcloth designs but given them a sustainable make-over. Using a biodegradable PVC coating and a base fabric containing 65% recycled cotton fibres, we’ve made sure to maintain the comfort, quality and vibrancy you love, whilst doing our bit to help the environment.

Efia Salonloewe

Spring is just around the corner and we're going out under the sun! And we start in a good mood with our Salonloewe 2022 spring collection. In the catalog of this year you will find the complete range of carpets Salonloewe sorted by size in the OVERVIEW. We have also rolled out the new features in our Salonloewe WOHNFREUNDE magazine and invite you to browse: Neutral taupe, lush green, trendy shades of purple, earthy color combinations, intensely bright tones. We dive in and let ourselves be seduced by designs and patterns in five color worlds. Get out in the spring!

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Ambiente Europe

Ambiente page


Mascagni pagina

L'Oca Nera

Charming Christmas. With a little silence, you too can listen to it: it’s a sweet, captivating music, both far and near. Never experienced before, yet so familiar. It’s the Christmas song we have in our heart, and which has been always playing in the house where we welcome you: silver and gold, bright colours and delicate tones, precious materials and accurate details are dancing in it. We will never stop amazing our gaze, exciting our thought, experiencing the charm that makes our Christmas special.

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silk scarves, handbags, shoppers, shoulder bags, laptop bags, travel bags, cosmetics bag, wallets, cushions, glasses boxes, mouse pads, pocket mirrors, pill boxes, magnets, key rings, smartphone backcover, nail files, passepartouts,...

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Efia Salonloewe floormats. Quality made in Germany. Design - Function - Lyfestyle

Efia page


SensisPlus - Solo - Luna - Aurum - Gentleman - Glashalm - Dekantierset - Rapidcool - Accessoires

Eisch page

Ulster Weavers

LoveOlli was established in 2012 by designer Olive (Olli) McCaughan. We create inspiring and unique gifts using a select group of trusted British and Irish suppliers. Harnessing her love of found objects and pretty patterns, Olive has created a range of candles, home fragrance and bath and body products inspired by all the things she loves. A battered leather suitcase full of faded postcards, letters, antique prints and precious scraps of vintage fabric has become the inspiration behind the LoveOlli collection which we are delighted to present to you. Our candles are made from 100% natural soy wax with a high perfume content to give the best possible scent throw. Our soaps and body products are free from Parabens and SLSs and never ever tested on animals. They will look as delightful on your bathroom shelf as they smell when you use them! It’s all the little details, like the hand tied ribbons on our soap bars and the dainty nail file included with our hand cream, which we think make us pretty unique and our aim is always to surprise and delight both the giver and recipient of a LoveOlli gift.

Storyhorse offers an exquisite range of scarves, boots, umbrellas, warm winter socks and all kinds of outdoor handbags and backpacks and raincoats. The perfect autumn-winter addition to the Ulster Weavers range. LoveOlli and Storyhorse by Ulster Weavers.

Ambiente Christmas

When those cold days come around nothing beats a good cup of tea and in order for you to enjoy this hot drink together with pastries on a stylishly decorated table, we have developed some beautiful winter inspired napkins designs. An example of which is “Christmas Ornaments” that touches your hearts with an arrangement of robins and green leaves and if you want to enjoy a winter barbecue with friends or family, the design “Wild Deer” fits perfectly. In addition to this brand new Autumn catalogue which has 165 new designs we are still able to off er stock from the Spring/Easter/Everyday and Summer 2018 ranges.

Mascagni Christmas

The Mascagni Christmas catalog means a wonderful assortment of Christmas articles. Products and accessories that give each interior that unique Christmas atmosphere. If you want to place an order for the Christmas collection, keep in mind that you can place your order until 30 June 2018.

Feel free to browse the catalog online and be enchanted by Enchanted Wood, Natural Treasures, Pink Christmas, Gilded Stardust, Magic Angel, ... and much more.

Mascagni page

Efia - SalonLoewe

The 2017 Salonloewe Collection Part 2 has arrived! We have compiled another harmonious collection of floor mats with many new motifs and refreshing colours for the second half of the year – focussing on the coming seasons of autumn and winter and presented to you in our 'Seasons' category. We are also introducing a new tumultuous category called 'Family Life': Discover floor mats with an array of happy motifs for the whole family!

The Salonloewe Home Textiles in exclusive Wachtmeister Lifestyle design have also welcomed new editions to its selection: The artist Rosina Wachtmeister's best known cat, Serafino, instantly transforms kitchens into a feline paradise. Many other various colourful motifs are recreated on cosy cushions.

Availabilities: Salonloewe floor mats from the beginning of August 2017. Salonloewe home textiles from the middle of September 2017.

Salonloewe Efia page

Ambiente Europe

8 pages summer novelties added to the already extensive Spring Summer collection from Ambiente.

Ambiente Europe page

Ulster Weavers

Ulster Weavers version 2017. A new logo for a new identity. The new offer includes three new licenses. Sophie Conran , renowned designer, mother and cook, she has together with Ulster Weavers created a special line of new products. The inspiration came from her many journeys. She has combined her love of color with her cooking passion. This collection adds an extra "touch" to your kitchen. Clarissa Hulse is a name in the British textile industry. In her 20 year career she has won several awards for her designs. The designs of plants and botanical silhouettes are unique and modern. Elephant parade desings , this collection helps a good cause. A unique collection of elephants designs for all ages. Each sold product from Elephant Parade helps this endangered animal. Other new features are Designers Guild, Mini Moderns and Seasalt and more. Have fun contemplating the Ulster Weavers 2017 catalog.

Ulster Weavers page

Efia Juli 2016 novelties

YOU HAVEN’T SEEN OUR SALONLOEWE 2016 COLLECTION YET? With all the latest designs, reflections from contemporary art and fashionable solid-colour products, the Salonloewe 2016 collection takes a distinctive, on-trend approach with a broad palette – and that includes this season’s hot neons. We look forward to your call!

Ulster Weavers Mid Season

The Mid Season catalog Ulster Weavers is launching a number of new products. The cats and dogs range extends with "Shaped gauntlets". Oven Mitts in the form of your favorite pet. Ulster Weavers will now also conquer your living room with cushions in your seats. The cushions are sold with filling. The Modern Kitchen Collection was designed by the designer duo Mini Moderns. You will find their known motifs on kitchen aprons, oven mitts, kitchen towels ... in three summer colors yellow, blue and orange.

Edzard 2016

Edzard has released three new catalogs from the current product range. In addition to the main catalog for 2016 you will find the Christmas catalog and Glass and Taitu catalog. Edzard represents valuable tradition and timeless class.

Ambiente Europe summer 2016

Summer; who doesn’t love it? A nice walk on the beach, stroll along the promenade or touring by bike along waving cornfields enjoying a picnic, on a terrace or at home... just relax. Is there anything better than spending your precious free time this way? Our new themes ‘Cornflower‘‚ ‘Lavendular‘ and ‘Lemon Branche‘ are the perfect companions. In this catalog we present our new Summer and Autumn collection, which we have completed with surprising new themes and matching accessories such as candles, fine bone china and trays. We show our trendy basic designs in the latest summer and fall colours.

L'Oca Nera Christmas catalogue 2016

The magic of Christmas brings us joy, and the expectation of a loving holiday. It is a special time where we are blessed with tenderness, a deep sentiment that we did not fully realize. Because it is delicate and ethereal. You can not express it in words, but with feelings.

Goebel has released new catalogs for 2016

Goebel has released six new catalogs for 2016. Novelties for Rosina Wachtmeister, Artis Orbis, Nadal, Kaiser Porzellan, Romero Britto and James Rizzi.

Goebel 2016

L'Oca Nera Home collection 2016 - Living in elegance

L’Oca Nera’s spirit is cosmopolitan, up - to - date and constantly evolving. It interprets objects and micro-architectures which personalise the house with a discreet, sober luxury that reflects the lifestyle of those who live in it. All collections focus on the original detail, worked with handicraft passion, where art meets design and creates elegantly refined scenarios and charming atmospheres. Wonderful, timeless creations that express the harmony of values, moods and passions.

Efia Salonloewe 2016 - floormats

The 2016 Efia Salonloewe Collection has arrived! Hottest designs, original patterns and elegant uni-colours: the distinctive Efia Salonloewe floor mats are again taking all of your living space by storm this year. They always come in a perfect combination of function and design – whether they are themed with ethnic impressions or Cottage Chic; wheather they show witty remarks or modern art by Wachtmeister Lifestyle, Anna Flores and Gigi Banini; puristic or colourful, playful or classic, idyllic or urban. For the first time our 2016 Salonloewe Collection makes an excursion to the art nouveau era introducing various sizes of Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life. Along with our approved classics and numerous innovations, we have once again arranged a very special and unique collection.

Ambiente Europe 2016 - Luxury Paper Products

Welcome to our new and innovative 2016 ‘Spring /Easter/ Everyday’ catalogue. We have once again created a fresh and exciting collection, with beautiful new themes like ‘Tropical‘, ‘Botanical‘ and ‘Ice Cream‘. A number of our existing successful themes have been expanded with new complementary designs and matching coordinated accessories such as candles, cups and trays. We have also added a range of trendy basic designs in the latest Spring colors. We hope you will enjoy browsing the collection and look forward to welcoming you to our stand at one of the Spring fairs at which we exhibit.

Kleinmann Frottier 2015 - 2016 bathroom - kitchen - sauna

HK Kleinmann Frottier catalog 2015-2016. In this catalog you will find the current range of textiles for the bathroom, for the kitchen, for the sauna. Check out the new bathrobes catalog . bath towels, towels, bathrobes in modern colors. Kitchen towels, kitchen aprons, oven mitts, ... etc. Textiles for the sauna. Extra dense, extra comfortable.

Efia Salonloewe floor mats

Dont call a doormat or floor mat from Efia - Salonloewe an ordonary mat. All the mats are made in Germany and get 5 year warranty. All the mats are washable at 40 deg. Allergy Friendly, mats that absorbs dust. PVC-free. Your pets will love them. All the mats can be put indoor and outdoor, temperature resistant. Anti-slide and noise absorbing. All the products are also suitable for floor heating. And the prices are not more expensive than mats produced in a far, far away country. Sico is your new agent.

Efia - Salonloewe

Ulster Weavers mid season catalogus

In the Mid Season catalog of Ulster Weavers you will find new bag savers, summer kitchen aprons, very nice new motifs in the children aprons, new doorstops in animal shapes. New products of the Seasalt collection, the first Christmas items and wool knitted tea cosies.

Ulster Weavers

SICO agents in gifts / presents

B2B professionals only and retailers / shopowners.

Sico B2B

Sico sells only to professionals, business 2 business sales. A professional is a retailer in his sector. A gardencenter sells other products than a jewellery.

A professional can also be a SME or large company, a restaurant, a government agency, a large non-profit organisation, ...

Sico agents

As an agent we represent brands. The difference with a wholesaler is that the goods are directly delivered from the manufacturer. This means more stock, a wider range, better prices. Most deliverytimes are around one week.

You receive an invoice from the manufacturer in Euro. Payments are done with the IBAN and BIC code.

Sico showroom

Since 1979 Sico has a showroom on the Brussels Trade Mart. We are open every last monday from the month. During the spring and fall we have our fairs, the interior days. You can also make an appointment for a visit of our showroom.

Our address at the Trade Mart is W. Detroit 414 (4th floor at the western roundabout).

Sico agents

Direct delivery from the manufacturer to the retailer

Sico sells only qualityproducts

Since 1973 we sell gifts that meets a quality standard. Beneath you will find a few from our top brands.

ulster weavers goebel ambiente

Ulster Weavers

  • Quality kitchentextile
  • Royal Warrant holder at the British court
  • Since 1880
  • Breakfast- and tea accessories
  • Designed in Northern-Ireland
  • Many cat- animal- and gardendesigns
  • 1 week deliverytime

Ulster Weavers has one major yearly catalogue and in the summer a "mid-season" update.

Ulster Weavers is holder of a royal warrant, they are purveyor to royal British household

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  • Manufacturer since 1871
  • Expert in porcelain and glass
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Old masters and new artists
  • Unique limited editions
  • Handmade / handpainted
  • Worldwide presence

Goebel products are beautiful objects which inspire and are timeless.

"Art to touch" Goebel brings real art pieces in your livingroom.

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Ambiente Europe

  • Luxury paper products
  • Napkins from qualitypaper
  • Cozy tableaccessories
  • Several seasonal collections
  • Swivel stands and presentation
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Environmentally friendly ink and paper

Ambiente Europe launches yearly about 120 new designs.

Luxury paper products and tableaccessories for celebrations and daily use.

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