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Oliver Weber

Oliver Weber jewels and accessories

Oliver Weber jewels are made in Austria, with the highest quality crystals on the market. Each jewel is studied with extreme precision and all crystals are set by hand with greatest care. Oliver Weber collections celebrate the infinite creativity, mixing it with magical combinations of lights and colors.

Accessible luxury

We only use high quality crystals for all items of the Oliver Weber collections.
Oliver Weber works only with the best crystal, which is the unique crystal. The Oliver Weber Collection consists of pendants and colliers, earrings, bracelets, rings, accessories, hair accessories, watches, steel, sunglasses, wallets, bags and special items.

  • Made with high quality crystals
  • Topjewels for affordable prices
  • Extensive jewellery collection and accessories
  • Fashion colours and styles, 2 years warranty

Oliver Weber 2021 pdf

Oliver Weber jewellery