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L'Oca Nera

L'Oca Nera

L'Oca Nera - Living in elegance

Furnishing is an art, an intelligent luxury created and designed with objects which astonish and please those who look at them, conveying history, philosophy and art.

L'Oca Nera interprets the changes of time, the emotional trends  and creates fascinating, unique products, able to conquer those who love what is beautiful and modern interiors inhabited by the art of the past. L’Oca Nera’s spirit is cosmopolitan, up-to-date and constantly evolving. It interprets objects and micro-architectures which personalise the house with a discreet, sober luxury that reflects the lifestyle of those who live in it. All collections focus on the original detail, worked with handicraft passion, where art meets design and creates elegantly refined scenarios and charming atmospheres. Wonderful, timeless creations that express the harmony of values, moods and passions.

  • Cosmopolitan, up-to-date and evolving
  • Objects which personalise your home
  • Original details, handcraft passion
  • Timeless creations, Italian design

L'Oca Nera Christmas 2021 catalogue pdf

L'Oca Nera

Home collection 2021

L'Oca Nera

Click on the image / link to view the Home 2021 catalogue.

Christmas 2020

L'Oca Nera

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L'Oca Nera Lighting


L'Oca Nera

Lighting collection

L'Oca Nera Home 2017

L'Oca Nera Home 2017 pdf

L'Oca Nera

Home Catalogue

L'Oca Nera - Living in elegance

L'Oca Nera is situated in Montecassiano Italy. Sico is the agent for Belgium and Luxembourg.

loca nera home collection

L'Oca Nera - home collection

loca nera Christmas - Natale

L'Oca Nera - Natale - Christmas

loca nera christmas

L'Oca Nera - Christmas collection